Please View Our Demo Videos

This is a small demo video of Pure Energy Live. The combination of
DJ and Live Band. This is a Pure Energy Product and cannot be
duplicated because we created it.


Mark Dixon - This Demo Video shows that Mark is one of Boston's premier Bar and Bat Mitzvah Entertainers.


Johnny K - High School Prom teaser. Here is a little taste of what you can have at your high school senior prom,


Johnny K - Another one of Boston's premier entertainers demonstrating his true skill rocking it out at a prom at Danvers Port Yacht Club. Nobody does it like him, NOBODY!!


Johnny K at his best with an amazing team demonstrating his skills performing at multiple Bar And Bat Mitzvahs in Boston.


Johnny K A Boston Wedding DJ and MC Demo Teaser Video.


Angel Torres - A one of a kind MC and Disc Jockey performing his heart out in this brief MC teaser video. He is truly gifted and a pleasure to watch.


Our LED light Up Dance Floor is the only one in Boston Mass. Here is a brief demo video on what our dance floor can do.


LED Up Lighting Packages for Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. This video takes 10 seconds to begin playing. Please be patient.

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