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By Gail Leino

A bachelorette party is a relatively new celebration similar to a bridal shower. The groom-to-be isn’t the only one allowed to have a last stand party celebrating the end of his “freedom.” Girls get in on the action now with their own bachelorette parties.

When planning a bachelorette party, consult a party planning specialist from a party supply store. They will have motifs to choose from if you want clean or naughty themed decorations. Clean decorations can include brides and bride apparel, or any theme such as a luau or western party. Naughty parties have decorations shaped like male genitalia!

No matter what your theme is, send out invitations. Make them coordinate with any other decorations you buy. Balloons and streamers in any color, as well as paper products are available at a party supply store. If you are having a night out at the bar, they carry novelty items to take along. A blow up, life sized doll can be attached to the bride via handcuffs. She can wear a fake veil or a T-shirt begging for help.

If you are having a tame party, plan a meal and games. Order in pizza and watch porno movies. Make it a combination naughty and nice party.

Either party requires intimate gifts for the bride. Lingerie, lotions and robes are all fun gifts to give, as well as receive, at a bachelorette party. Take pictures of the bride-to-be trying on her duds to send to the groom-to-be. That qualifies as naughty too.

A stripper might show up, so don’t be shocked. If elderly women are present, prevent them from having strokes! Or they might surprise the young ladies with a thing or two.

Send out thank you cards and a picture of the whole gang at the party. It’s a great way to remember the night!

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