A Spring Wedding Theme

By: Richard Keir

Spring is seen as the start of a new year and provides a wonderfully appropriate backdrop for weddings. Spring Weddings symbolize the start of a new life together for the bride and groom. Depending on where you are living, the flowers will be blooming and the new buds will be appearing on trees giving everyone a fresh feeling after the dreary winter months.

Although a Spring Wedding can be symbolically wonderful there is always the chance of some spring showers so it is best to plan your spring wedding with a wet weather plan built in.

Depending on where you live this may not be a problem but for many the chance of some light showers is very real. For some the chance of a torrential downpour may also be an issue.

The weather should not be allowed to spoil your spring wedding and so large umbrellas at the ready and a willing helper to hold them over the bride and groom and the day will carry on regardless.

If you had planned on an outdoor setting for the ceremony then checking with a venue close by if they can also provide you with facilities is the best idea.

Photographs look just as wonderful inside as they do outside so look to your photographer for advice there. It may be that a break in the rain will enable a few pictures to be snapped outside.

Your guests may be a little damp when they get to the reception but ensuring there is a cloackroom where they can discard their wet outer wear will help.

Whatever the day brings and whatever happens with the weather if you have planned for a few different scenarios then you will be able to enjoy your day.

Wishing you sunshine and a happy day.............

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