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There is only one gift you can give your guests that they will last forever, a personalized photo Favor. Cool Pics photo favors offers the ultimate alternative to Polaroid and traditional photography. These Photo Favors are high-tech, custom, instant digital Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photo Favors that are printed instantly at each event. Our computer system is completely portable enabling us to bring it anywhere.


Cool Pics

Perfect for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs because it keeps the kids busy the entire first hour and once the candle lighting ceremony is over. The adults and kids can come back and pick another one of our 200 Photo Favor templates.

boston_photo_favors2How Cool Pics Work

Using the latest technology, your guests will pose for a photo in front of our 10 x 10 green screen.
  • The photo favor is then launched into our unique photo favor program. This is where you will get to choose from a wide variety of Photo Favor backdrops to superimpose you and your guests onto a background such as a movie poster, a magazine cover, a surfboard, the beach, and more.

  • Once the photo is in the computer, it is applied to the selected photo favor background the guest chooses and presented to the guest at the end of the event.
The Photo Favors are printed on site within 30 seconds onto high-quality photo media (not Photo Paper) and presented to your guest.

Customized Photo Favors Borders and Backdrops

The day of your event, we will bring a Photo Favor studio to your location and take photos of your guests using the highest quality digital photography equipment. We then process those photos on-demand, using our state-of-the-art photographic printers. We will work with you to create a custom photo border template that will be used to commemorate your special event. Within seconds, you can provide your guests with a lasting memory of your very special day.

You provide us with the details of the event and our graphics team will custom design a Photo Favor background to match your theme.

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