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Themed Weddings With Monograms

By Jen Carter

Ah, a craze that’s really been embraced over the last few years. Monograms embrace the idea of unity as two couples initials are intertwined — and become one. In addition, monograms provide an elegant reminder of your new lives as man and wife.

Brides can employ monograms prior to, during, and after the wedding reception. Your guests will be blown away by the amount of effort you put into the dramatic visuals. If you’re wondering if there’s actually such a thing as a ‘monogram themed wedding,’ the answer is “yes.” If you decorate all of your reception with monograms, it clearly be seen as a themed-wedding that embraces the unity between a man and his wife.

There are several ideas for use of your monograms. It’s always a good idea to utilize the ideas of others and incorporate your own creativity. This will make your own wedding theme a success. Here is an example of the many places you can have them ‘pop up’ prior to and during the reception:

Boston Wedding DJ Monogram Lighting

Wedding Invitations
Custom Postage Stamps
Envelope Seals
Accent to Bride’s Garter
Table Linen
Place-cards Aisle Runners
Ring Bearer’s Pillow
Flower Girl’s Basket
Champagne Flute Glasses
Cake Accessory
Cake Cutter
Bottled Water Label
Wedding Favors

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of where you can bare your emblem, we have to ask: are you a traditional person by nature? If so, than you may want this little tip on wedding etiquette. Sometimes monograms are frowned upon if they’re used prior to the wedding reception. So, if you’re a traditional gal, you may wish to skip the use of monograms on your wedding invites and wait for the reception.

Remember anything can be overdone. While you want everyone to notice your monograms, make sure that they’re not redundant in color and location. Spread them out and make them look elegant. Table linens and floral pieces with monograms may look beautiful separated from one another, but they may look ‘too busy’ if placed one together.

Use your best judgement when organizing and decorating for your reception. Accessorize the colors of ribbon, linens, and floral arrangements, with the colors of your monogram. Your wedding favors too, should include a monogram, as it’s a very personal touch . Some ideas include personalized wedding frames, candy bars, colas, or candles that bare your monogram. It’s a thoughtful gift that your loved ones will treasure.

Jen Carter is owner of My Wedding Blog, a free wedding planner. This article can be found in our wedding theme category. You may publish our articles on your website only if you do not edit the article in any way, and include all html as direct links to our site.

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