Wedding Reception Lighting

First, we must say, Lighting is the only item you can add to your event that can create and change emotion.  It is the direct link between your guests and the atmosphere.

Lighting comes in many different formats and designs. LED Up Lighting, Intelligent Lighting, Monogram Lighting are a few additions to consider when creating the perfect scene for your wedding reception.

LED Up Lighting is simply placing a fixture on the floor while lighting the walls of the venue with any color you desire.  You should use LED lighting because it can be controled with a remote and they can be changed at the push of a button.  They run cool to the touch and usually ran on battery so you do not need any power.  These are perfect for under tables and outside events.   The cost is $25 each and they will do a span of 5 feet each.

Monogram Lighting allows you to put your name in lights on the dance floor, anywhere else you would like.  This ads personal touch to the event and really makes a wow effect.  The cost is $200 for this effect.

Intelligent Lighting is exactly that.  These are controled with a computer and mouse.  They are lights that sit on top of an 8 foot stack and allows the lighting tech to spot light any part of the room you want.  They are completly controled by a computer and therefore they can be used for just about anything.  They also can be used as dance floor lighting once the party gets going.  Usually 4 is a good quantity to use for a wedding reception.  This cost is $1200 for 4 heads.

The proper lighting design is also an important part of a wedding reception. It will enhance the mood you are looking for.  Lighting packages, DJ equipment and Special Effects are available through our A/V  Rental Department.

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