Wedding Day Dancing

By Elaine Lehmert
Continental Dance Club, Bloomfield NJ

The Wedding Dance
C'mon, honey...It's time for our first dance together as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.
Bride: OK, but remember, you promised you'd help me out with this.
Groom: I know...Hey, wait! This music is a lot faster than I remember it!
Bride: Just fake it, and smile. You're the one that wanted this song.
Groom: At least your dress is long enough to cover up what your feet are doing! Let's just kiss a lot. They love that.
Bride: (sniffing away tears)
Groom: Honey, you are so sweet! You're crying because you're so happy!
Bride: No, John. I'm crying because you just stepped on my foot!


Now that you've made the decision to take the big step, how about making another decision to take a lot of smaller steps? Learn to dance for your wedding. Plan to start soon. Allow yourself time to learn at a relaxed pace. Start as early as possible. The closer you get to your big day, the more hectic life becomes. Dancing is not like an 8th grade social studies quiz. You can't cram for it and expect good results. You will want to look well rehearsed and polished when you're out on the dance floor with all eyes upon you.

Every aspect of your wedding is being mapped out very carefully. The food, the gown, the music and flowers all arranged in advance to give your special day every chance of going smoothly. Will you be at ease when you step out on the dance floor in front of family and friends for your first dance together as man and wife?

You’ve made a big investment in the food, flowers, music, etc. These are things that only last a day. Learning to dance is an investment in your relationship. Its something you will continue to share at every upcoming special occasion, and for a lifetime of social pleasure together.

So many couples today are seizing the opportunity to shine on the dance floor, personalizing their celebration by learning to dance. For many couples and their wedding guests the first dance is the highlight of the reception, and what everyone remembers most vividly.

Dancing with someone you love is one of life's great pleasures. Find out for yourselves today!

By Elaine Lehmert
Continental Dance Club, Bloomfield NJ

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