Two important questions to ask when shopping for a wedding photographer...

by Scott Robert Lim
Scott Robert Photography

1. Can I view pictures taken by the photographer that will be assigned to my wedding?
Many studios employ different photographers, the studio may show their best work but it may not be the work of the photographer assigned to your wedding. If you hire a studio with only one photographer, your guaranteed more consistent quality (given the photographer is experienced and proven), if the studio has more than one photographer, you may want to meet the photographer that will be assigned to your wedding, this way the studio will be forced to send the photographer you interviewed.

2. When viewing the work of a photographer or studio, ask who edited and color corrected the pictures you are looking at, you may want to further question, "Is this person/service still employed or used by your company and who will be editing my wedding pictures?"
An extremely high quality print depends on quality of original photo with no adjustments and the studio or photographer's ability to edit the picture correctly. Working with issues like, exposure, skin tones, correct color balance, are extremely complicated and must be handled by a skilled editor. This is a key issue when dealing with a photographer or studio that shoots digitally because almost all digital photos must be correctly edited or enhanced for brilliant reproduction. Two different studios could edit the same picture with widely varied results in quality.

by Scott Robert Lim
Scott Robert Photography

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