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Take a Look at the Many Existing Gazebos

By: James Hunt

What is this funny sounding word and what does it mean? There is some confusion over where the word originated and what it actually means. When we hear ?gazebo? however, we tend to associate it with the common meaning of a small building or outdoor house, usually in a garden with a good view. The gazebo is meant to be a place outside the home to star gaze or enjoy the garden and just enjoy being outside.

Early gazebos may have been a tower or lantern on the roof of a house or a balcony. Later the word was reference to a summer house or outdoor house usually with open sides as we commonly know it today.

As for modern versions, we have changed them in many ways. You may buy a gazebo, have one custom built or even build it yourself. In fact, the do-it-yourself trend has really caught on recently.

When choosing your gazebo, the location may be the most important aspect. Your gazebo is seen as a ?gazing room? and it defeats the purpose if you have nothing to gaze at. You may add it to a garden, a backyard, or a similar location. You may have a view of the garden, the beach or ocean, the mountains or a great clear sky. Whatever it is, it should mean something to you and be a relaxing place for you.

You might like to go to your gazebo alone or you may share it with family. You may decide to share it with friends and have a nice comforting place to share drinks or have quality time chatting. The point is that it is special to you so really the options are unlimited. Do some research and take a look at the many existing gazebos to see what seems to fit your tastes.

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