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  • COMPARE with traditional printed invitations and use your SAVINGS for other items.

Wedding Invitations
Wedding invitations come in a variety of papers, styles, with or without graphic designs, printed for you, or ready for you to print on your home or office printer. This gives you a wide choice and the opportunity to express yourselves. Whatever your choice, it is advisable that you purchase your invitations and matching envelopes at the same time. This will insure that there will be no variations in colors envelopes size will fit your chosen invitation. This is especially important if your invitations are not white.
placing your invitation in an inner envelope used to be considered proper etiquette. Today it is no longer the case. You may, of course do so, but it is no longer required. You may choose to can send your each invitation in a single envelope or in inner and outer envelopes. If you choose the latter, the inner envelope should be gum free so it cannot be sealed. Unlike the mailing envelope, the inner envelope should bear only the invitee´ name(s).

Announcement Cards
Announcement cards are used to announce your engagement and share your happiness with friends and family. They are also appropriare as invitations to Engagement parties and Bridal Showers.

Reception Cards
Reception Cards are used for guests who are not invited to the ceremony but are invited only to the reception. There are occasions where only a handful of close people are invited to the ceremony for various reasons. Some couples plan a destination wedding which is very costly and invite only their closest family and friends so as not to burden their guests with high travel and lodging expenses. Others, especially re-marrying or December couples want only their immediate family present at their nuptial ceremony. Still others have friends and family in different locations and choose to have a reception at each.
These cards are also perfect for receptions in celebration of special anniversaries, the most common 25th and 50th.


Response-R.S.V.P. Cards
Response R.S.V.P. cards, are postcard-sized and should match or coordinate with the invitation. A Response card is placed in the same envelope with the invitation and with a stamped return envelope that is addressed to the person in charge of taking the attendance count.


Wedding Menus
Wedding Menus are optional, but add elegance and are a nice touch. They are printed on high quality, standard size 8.5" x 11" paper. menues are not placed in envelopes but at each place setting at a sit-down reception.


Wedding Programs
The wedding program identifies the members of the Wedding Party, the parents, and who's going to perform the ceremony, as well as the progress of the ceremony, who's singing and playing if applicable, and what music will be played. If you are purchasing from us, we include the samples of programs, menus, and wedding invitations with your order.
The most popular wedding programs are printed on standard size 8.5" x 11" paper. It can be printed in booklet form on one sheet of paper printed on both sides in landscape layout. It is then folded in half to create a 5.5" x 8.5" 4 page booklet. If you choose heavy stock, paper, be sure that it has been scored that is pre-prepared for folding. Another option is to use two sheets each printed on one side, folded in half to 5.5" x 8.5", and secured by either a staple in the middle, or a ribbon that threaded through to form a booklet. This is a very inexpensive and elegant treatment, and because both sheets are only printed on one side, may be easier to do.
Wedding Programs are handed out to your guests prior to the ceremony by the ushers who escort them to their seats. If you want to be less formal, place the programs on a table at the entrance next to the guest book. Ask either one of your usher or in case of older children in a re-marriage, your child, to point your guests to the table. Programs can also be placed at the end of each row so your guests can help themselves.


Thank You Notes, Save the Date Cards, and Response - R.S.V.P. Cards
Thank You cards, Save the Date Cards, and Response - R.S.V.P. cards can be printed on standard 8.5" high x 11" size paper, 2 to a page then separated and folded to measure about 4.25"- 4.5" high by 5"-6" long. The difference is in the layout and in how they're folded. since they are mailed, they need to be placed in coordinating size envelopes.


Guest Book Sheets
Guest Book Sheets are usually 8.5" high x 11" long or slightly shorter. Actually Guest Book Sheets should be compiled during the engagement period and wedding.
These pages should be distributed to guests at the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and wedding reception.
At each occasion, Guests are asked to express something special. At engagement parties, each guest should offer the bride and groom a pearl of wisdom about marriage or a favoriete quote or love poem. At a bridal shower, family recipes are a wonderful contribution and at the wedding reception good wishes are most appropriate. Placed in an album, the compilation of these pages makes an incredible keepsake that will be treasured forever. We have some wonderful inexpensive sources for albums just email us your request.


Wedding CD-ROM labels
Wedding CD-ROM labels are used by the bride and groom after the ceremony as labels for the CDs with their wedding pictures and/or favorite songs. If you provided your guests with disposable single-use cameras and ordered your pictures developer for copies on CDs, you'll have quite a few to keep or share with friends and family. In either case, would'nt it be impressive having your CD labels personalized to you, rather than having them represent Kodak or the film developer? Now you can print your personalized labels on your printer.


Scoring is a ridge or prefold that is necessary for folding heavy paper. Heavy or thick Paper will not fold properly unless it was prepared for folding by the manufacturer who used special scoring tools. be sure to purchase scored paper if you plan to fold. If you have questions, email us.


Tissue. You may place a sheet of loose white tissue in your invitations in the envelopes in order to protect the card. It is not necessry but optional.


Vellum Overlays
Another option is a vellum overlay, which is semi-transparent light paper. The invitation itself is generally printed on it, and a design is then printed on the card underneath it. Two holes are then punched at the top of the card and the vellum is attached to the card with a 1/2" or 7/8" organdy or lightweight satin ribbon. be sure to purchase vellum that has been designed for inkjet and laser printers. Available here. Other vellum can only be printed with commercial printing equipment.


It has become quite fasionable to decorate invitations with either organdy or satin ribbon in the one of the wedding colors. However the majority of marrying couples seem to prefer un-ribboned invitations.

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