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General information

We recommend that if possible, both bride and groom will attend all interviews, unless the poem is a surprise gift.

Always carry a note pad and pen to write down important information and questions that may arise during your interview. Bear in mind that you may find your poetry vendor on the Internet, so interviews will most likely take place over the phone, e-mail, or even Instant Message/IRC.

In order to comparison shop and select wisely, interview at least 3 poetry vendors. There are many on the Internet.

Readings are important in your wedding, and along with the music will set the tone for your ceremony. Few parts of the ceremony can express your love, hopes and dreams for marriage as well as a personalized poem read in honor of the occasion.

Start your search for your wedding poem providers as early as possible, but after having secured both your ceremony and reception sites. Additionally, many religious institutions may have rules about their ceremonies, so if you desire a poem read during the ceremony and your institution won't allow it, consider having a poem read during the reception or at the rehearsal dinner.

Make your poetry selection carefully. This is a keepsake and may even be part of your printed programs. You want it to represent you, your taste and the atmosphere you want your wedding to have. This makes choosing the wedding poem a lot of fun.

Before you start looking, you should brainstorm. As you do, take to consideration your budget-most wedding poems will run $100 and up. Quality should be your main concern. Budget enough so you do not risk the success of your wedding by cutting corners.

Consider the following elements:

  • your wedding theme
  • type of ceremony
  • the mood and atmosphere you want at your wedding
  • the location and size of your wedding Check with your wedding
  • reception venue --your interests
  • your guests
  • who is going to read the poem

Since a poem reading can set the tone of your wedding, consider carefully what will make yours a special, one-of-a-kind wedding event.

Click here to read a sample of a personalized poem
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Tips for choosing a poem and its readers.

--Is the ceremony going to be formal or informal?
For a formal traditional wedding, something more romantic and elegant may be needed.
--If the ceremony is informal and the group is casual, a funnier poem (with two or more readers) will work. Or you can save those humorous verses for the wedding toasts.
--If the ceremony is long, don't opt for a lengthy poem. If the ceremony will be average length (1-2 hours), you can select a longer poem, even an epic!
--Consider whether you want the poem set to music. Work with wedding musicians or select a pre-recorded instrumental piece.
--Time the ceremony so that you know how much of a window you have to include the poem, or include the poem in the planning from the very beginning if possible.
--Allow up to a year for composition, refinement and inclusion of your poem. If you wait until the last minute you may be frustrated if the poetry vendor can't come up with what you want.
--If doable, request a rough sample, 1-4 lines at most, of a possible poem from each vendor.


How to Find Poetry Providers.

  • Once you have chosen the type of wedding site you want for your wedding, do the following:
  • Ask the director of your chosen wedding site for recommendations.
  • Ask clergy for recommendations.
  • If you have a caterer, ask for recommendations.
  • Ask a wedding association for recommendations.
  • Ask your family, friends and acquaintances for recommendations.
  • Attend bridal shows.
  • Search the internet under"wedding poems."
  • Collect contact information.

    You want only the best! Be selective!

  • When calling or e-mailing, were you greeted cordially?
  • Were you able to obtain the information you requested in a timely manner?
  • Were the people you spoke with helpful? Too helpful and eager?
  • Do you like the look and feel of the Web site?
  • Does it provide you with the information you are looking for?
  • Does it show or tell about unique one-of-a-kind wedding poems?
  • Does the site include Testimonials?
  • Can you find free articles or free information on the web site?
  • Are they helpful or are they over selling?
  • Did you find a clearly posted name, phone and email contact? If not, skip it and go to another site that interests you and are agreeable.
  • Does the vendor offer you what you want on your terms?
  • Will they guarantee that once you reserve their service, you will have the specific custom poem you chose for your wedding?
  • Are you happy with the customer service you receive?
  • Are they courteous?
  • Are they accommodating?
  • Are they helpful?
  • Are their prices competitive?
  • Do you feel comfortable working with them?
If you are satisfied, keep the information until you are ready to choose and commit.


What to Expect of the Contact Person.

  • A business card of each person you will work with.
  • Contact information including cell phone, email and website address.
  • A policy or statement that explains what is offered and any exclusions, rules, regulations and options.
  • References
  • A sample of poetry work


Who is the right wedding poet- for you?

  • A professional wedding poet who is
  • made familiar with your personality, your wedding ceremony style and your requirements
  • Consult with you and be open to your suggestions
  • be able to supply you with your desired poem
  • be able to provide you with alternatives and work with you within your budget
  • be able to provide you with samples of their personalized wedding poetry
  • Suggest different writing styles for you to choose from
  • be able to suggest what will enhance your wedding poem
  • guarantee the work and its presentation
  • Carry liability and performance insurance

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