Flower options for your wedding and beyond

By Nily Glaser

Congratulations! You are engaged!
You are now on your wonderful yet often frustrating journey from engagement to wedding.
It is a journey that will take you through many avenues and some forks in the road where you'll have to stop, consider and choose a path.

The road we'll take together is the one leading to the "fork in the road" to wedding flowers selection.

Today, you can select to proceed to the Fresh Flower road or you may opt for the Silk Flowers road. Before you decide, however you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks you will encounter on either road traveled.

Fresh Flowers

Traditionally, fresh flowers dominated the wedding celebration because the scent of fresh flowers fill the air with sweetness and empower the emotions.
However, fresh flowers are extremely expensive yet fade and wilt after just a few days. Additionally, fresh flowers are seasonal so, if you are willing to go with flowers that are available at the season of your wedding you may pay somewhat less than if you opt for more exotic flowers that are out of season.

Yes! your fresh flowers can be preserved you do want to keep them as keepsakes. Right? but doing so demands getting them to a reliable flower preserver and this is often a costly process.
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Consider allergic reactions to fresh flowers. You, some guests or people in the wedding party may be allergic to real flowers, and it is no fun to go through a wedding sneezing and with red, itchy eyes.

Consider your peace of mind. You must order fresh flowers long before the wedding date. Yet, by their nature, you can not see them until the florist brings them to your wedding site. Once done, with no time to spare, whether you like them or not, you are stuck with the bouquets, flower arrangements, and other floral accessories as created by the florist.

Silk Flowers

Today Silk Flowers are becoming more and more popular as more brides choose them for their weddings. Let's find out why.

If you order your silk flowers from a professional, they will most probably look realistic. Some look so realistic in fact that unless you touch them you can not tell the difference. However, even if you spray them to emit the scent of the flower, the scent will evaporate after a while.

When you choose silk flowers, you are not depended on the season and can get the flowers you want, no matter how exotic for much less than fresh flowers. Yet they will not fade, and will not wilt after just a few days or for years for that matter. Silk flowers provide you with a lifetime keepsake without the trouble and expense of having them preserved. Your bouquet will always look the same as it did the day you walked down the aisle.

Silk flowers are not allergenic and will cause no one to go through your wedding sneezing and with red, itchy eyes.

You can have peace of mind and be worry free when you order silk flowers because you can order them long before the wedding date. You are not stuck with the bouquets, flower arrangements, and other floral accessories as created by the designer. You can examine them and you can have corrections and changes made in plenty of time and go to your wedding knowing that your flowers are just as you want them.

Some brides feel that silk flowers are "not the real" thing and even when they look too real to be distinguishd, when you touch them they just don’t "feel" like real flowers. Other brides prefer silk flowers . The choice is yours. With some information at hand, choose

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