Frequently Asked Question - FAQ - about Printing your own wedding stationery

What are the advantages of doing my own wedding invitations, announcements or stationery?

The biggest advantage is saving money!
Wedding invitations and stationery printed by a professional printer or Invitation Company, are very expensive.
Do you know how many are you going to need?
Once you start working on you guest list, it's very common to discover that you did not order enough. So, now you have to order additional invitations and stationery at additional expense!
There's also the risk your printed invitations, announcements and / or stationery won't arrive on time or arrive misprinted!

If you print your own, you can print as many as you want and add when you need more. You can use your own, rather than form wording and you can even personalize each invitation, program, menu, thank you note, Save the Date card, place card CD-ROM label, etc by typing, rather than hand writing it.

Let's face it--printing your own wedding stationery is definitely more time and trouble than just walking into a store, placing an order, and writing a check--what else is new? Printed stationery has gotten so expensive, though, that it's now worth the time and trouble it takes to do it yourself.

I know what invitations and announcements are. But, what do you mean by wedding stationery?

In addition to invitations and announcements you need to consider Save the Date Cards, Response - R.S.V.P. Enclosure Cards, Rehearsal Invitations, Reception Cards, Place Cards, Menus, Programs, Thank You Note Cards and Guest Book pages.
All are available on our CD ROM.
For detailed information go to

What do I get when I order a do-it-yourself invitation, announcements or stationery collection?

In addition to the template(s), you will receive, various fonts to choose from, and an additional DOC file (used in Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect) with the correct wordings for different cards and situations and complete printing instructions.

Will my stationery look Home Made?

On the contrary! If you choose the right blanks to print onto, have a reliable laser or inkjet color printer and follow instructions carefully, your invitations, announcement and stationery will look not only very professional, but original.
We've found artists that spent a great deal of time, money, and expertise putting together the stationery templates so that they will look professional. The Marilyn collections that are currently exclusive to A-wedding Day, offers you original graphics that are created by a commercial artist.
Printing your own professional invitations, announcements and/or other wedding stationery, takes some effort on your part--not much, but some. We can help because our templates include comprehensive printing instructions.

Will my stationery be pre-worded and ready to print? or do I have to type in what I want to say?

The choice is yours. You can order your templates either way. We can have it typeset to your specifications or we can supply you with stationery that is ready for you to typeset and print.

How is an invitation, announcement, wedding program, wedding menu, or other types of cards worded?

If you chose to let us typeset your card, you will receive an email with samples of the various kinds of fonts, as well as samples of the proper wording for these. The invitation samples, for instance, have titles like: "Both parents are hosting," and, "Bride and Groom are hosting." Send your selections back to us, and we'll send your ready to print, template back in either DOC format or on a CD ROM, within 36 hours.

If you chose to typeset the stationery yourself, that is, you have decided to order the do-it-yourself template(s), the proper settings have been made for you in Word, and a sample has actually already been filled out to keep the space. Backspace over the place-holder, change to the font you want, and start typing.

Will my printer produce the raised lettering I've seen on some wedding invitations?

No, an ordinary laser or inkjet printer is not capable of that.

Can I be sure that I will be successful?

Once you are finished setting up your text on the template,
TEST PRINT on a blank sheet of paper of the size your invitation, announcement or stationery is, to make sure your text lines up correctly. Make any adjustments at this time. Once you send your document to print, a message may pop up that reads "The margins of section 1 are set outside of the printable area of the page. Do you want to continue?" Click Yes. Your document will then proceed to print.

How do I know what paper to choose?

Following are facts you should know about paper:
Standard everyday correspondence paper measures 8½ by 11 inches and is 20 pound to 25 pound weight.

Wedding invitations typically range from 65 to 85 pound weight.
The single raised panel cards that are not designed to be folded are usually 85 pound weight.
Invitations announcements and stationery that is designed to be folded, are usually 65 pound weight. For more luxurious paper appropriate for Wedding invitations announcements and stationery look for paper with a high content of linen or cotton. If you opt for plain paper, you can get 65 pound plain bond in any stationery store. Just ask for cover stock.

Before you purchase blank wedding stationery:
Be sure that you know the weight and content of the paper. Often, Paper that appears to be a bargain may not be!
Make sure that the stationery you're buying is designed to be printed on the printer you have. You'll get quality printing if both paper and paper are made for each other. If you have a Laser printer, purchase paper designed for a Laser printer. If you have an Inkjet printer, purchase paper designed for an Inkjet printer. paper indicate that they will print well on either.
If you are planning to purchase card stock at an office supply store, Be aware! Some card stock is designed for commercial printers and may not print well on either a Laser or an Inkjet.


How do I know what style to choose or how to match my invitations with other stationery?

There are many styls to choose from. To get an idea of styles and sizes, go to
Make Your Own Stationery - Printing instructions.

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