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Candles are an integral part of any celebration. From holidays, to happy occasions to sad ones, candles are always present. Whether to light the darkness when the electricity goes off, or to set a romantic mood, nothing can replace a candle.

This article is specific to weddings but could be adapted to other celebrations and even to businesses holding special events.

The more candles you use at your wedding celebration, the more light and brightness illuminates and the more glowing and radiant the atmosphere.
The variety of wax and gel candles and their uses are endless. Personalized candles, theme candles, colored candles, scented and unscented candles, large candles and small candles can be mixed and matched and fulfill different functions.

There are many uses for candles at a wedding the most popular is the unity candle set which includes a pillar candle and two tapers.
Just before the wedding ceremony, the bride's mother lights a taper and so does the groom's mother. After the couple has exchanged wedding vows, the bride picks up the taper her mother lit and the groom picks up the taper his mother lit. Together, they light the pillar candle to signify their union.

If one or both partners have children older than 5, have them help the grandmas. If they are old enough to handle a match, they can be the ones to light the taper candles instead of the grandmas. This is a good opportunity to include children in the wedding ceremony thus telling them that they are an important part of the "new" family.

Let's explore special moments you can create with candles, at your wedding.

Picture this:

Indoors weddings;
As of you come down the isle each usher and bride's maid holds a candle to welcome you to the wedding ceremony about to be officiated. Candles decorate the platform or altar where the officiant stands and the officiant is waiting for you. Isn't that pretty? And what atmosphere? As soon as the officiant says: "I now pronounce you husband and wife" or "I hereby introduce Mr. And Mrs...." all the candles are being extinguished and all eyes diverted to the unity candle for the unity candle ceremony.

Outdoors weddings;
Your lit pillar candles placed in empty glass jars which are tall enough to complement them are places all along the path leading to the ceremony and reception, as well as on trees and of course on the reception tables. They flicker and shine and illuminate brightness. Isn't this a sight to behold?

A memorial candle for each departed loved one, could prove very significant to some couples.
Each of these memorial candles should be personalized with the name of the loved one and say something like, " Always present in our hearts." or "We know you are here with us in spirit." If you intend to use memorial candles you may, of course, choose your own wording. Place the memorial candles in a prominent place of honor both during the wedding ceremony and at the reception.

Candle lighting ceremony is traditional to age related celebrations. 13 candles are lit by people important to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah child. 15 candles are lit by people important to a Mexican girl celebrating her Sweet Fifteen. 16 candles are lit at a Sweet Sixteen party.

More and more couples are following this trend with a candle lighting ceremony usually at the beginning of the reception.

Invite parents, family and wedding attendants to light the candles.
These candles can later be transferred to the reception tables to serve as centerpieces by themselves or inside a flower ring or arrangement. Centerpieces add that special finishing touch to your reception tables whether it is elaborate or simple. These same candles will be the focal point at the dining table.

Whenever you use candles in the presence of many people consider the safety factor so you can enjoy your wedding. A candle inserted in a hurricane lamp, surrounded by flower rings or wreaths will look stunning. Also be sure to place them away from air conditioning drafts and breeze.

Special gifts for special people;
Your Parents, Grandparents, other important family members, best man, maid of honor and wedding attendants showered you with a lot of love in preparation and participation at your wedding. You in turn intend to present them with gifts. The question in your mind is what will make a memorable gift?

There are a few basic criteria points you may wish to consider when choosing an appropriate gift. It Should;
* Be a reminder of your wedding day.
* Be inscribed with at least your names and wedding date.
* Serve as a memento for years to come.
* Have a decorative appeal so it can be displayed and enhance the decor and atmosphere at your reception and make the recipient proud to display it at home.
* Express you, be unique to you and given with love.
* Have a practical value.
* Be a gift that can be used and enjoyed.

Personalized candles fit perfectly. They have multiple uses at your wedding including being given as thank you gifts. Each candle should be created especially for the recipient and include their name and a thank you message.

Other ideas:

· Welcome your out of town guests with a welcome package. Place a pretty gift bag or basket in their hotel room. In the bag or basket place a 'thank you' candle, a schedule of planned events, important phone numbers and places to visit in your town (time permitting), also some goodies, fruit and munchables. At least a few of the items should be about you and your wedding and suitable as mementos.
· Place flowers, and sweets and light a candle for your new mate in your honeymoon room.

Following are answers to frequently asked questions;

1. What kind of candles should we use?

The best candles to use for everything other than the tapers of the Unity Candle set, are 6 inch or 8 inch pillars which provide a large enough area to decorate and personalize.

2. Why should we use tall Pillar candles?

Tall pillar candles will burn throughout the entire celebration and can still be given as mementos of your wedding. All you need to do is insert a tea-light in the well that was formed on top of each candle and the recipient can keep it forever and even light it. By replacing the used tea-light with a new one the candle can be used again and again without it being harmed.

3. What are personalized candles?

Personalized candles are candles which are created just for you. Embedded inside each candle to be permanently preserved, are your invitation, envelope seals, names, wedding date, 'thank you' message to your family and wedding attendants and other wedding artwork. To be really unique, personalized candles are most often created with your wedding theme and colors in mind.

4. Why personalized rather than plain pillar candles?

If you intend to gift the candles, put yourself in the recipient's place. Let us say that someone important to you gave you a pillar candle. Just a candle from their celebration. What would you do with it? Now the same person gave you a candle that says something like: " To..... Thank you for helping us celebrate our wedding. Love... city... date... " I bet you'll make this candle a keepsake, an heirloom.

5. Are personalized candles expensive?

Not really. Many couples give them as gifts to the wedding party. That saves the bride and groom the hustle of looking for appropriate gifts. Personalized, heirloom candles are always appropriate. Also from my experience I can safely say that most couples had their parents, best man, maid of honor or other relatives order and pay for the candles as a gift to the newlyweds. In addition, if you use the candles as centerpieces to decorate your reception tables, you'll save a lot of money because instead of a flower arrangement all you'll need is a flower ring or a wreath.

6. What can be inside a personalized wedding candle?

Invitations, envelope seals, photographs, graphics from napkins or other favors, specific favorite flowers, special artwork, special wording such as a poem, a favorite saying, wording of your vows, etc...

7. Can I create my own personalized candles? Yes! By all means! Personalized candles are fun to make. If you have the time, Gan Publishing published a manual "How to create and market personalized candles"

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