Current trends in wedding accessories


Wedding attire choices have become less traditional and more of personal preference. According to bridal salon owners, the trend for brides married in 2005, and those planning a wedding in 2006, calls for sleek and relatively simple gown or dress style. Favored are both plain yet elegant gowns or dresses and gowns or dresses adorned with crystal, pearls and lace.
The major contributors to pulling away from the fairy tale gown or dress styles, in favor of elegant simplicity as being the preferred choice for brides, can be contributed to:

  • Today's working, price conscious brides who want to adhere to a budget, do not want to sacrifice style or beauty, but want a lot of value for their money.
  • The growing popularity of destination weddings. Brides appreciate that these elegant yet simple styles can safely be transported and look fresh and clean upon arrival at the wedding destinations.
    The trend for men has also become more casual, offering a choice of a dark suit, or dark pants with a white dinner jacket instead of a tuxedo.
    Theme wedding allow even more freedom of choice. For example:
  • Western attire is quite common in western theme weddings.
  • Victorian attire in Victorian theme weddings,
  • Reneasance garb in Reneasance theme wedding
  • Casual wear and sandal in Beach weddings, and so on.


Today's brides preferred to keep their and their bridesmaids jewelry to a minimum, choosing Swarovski crystal, classic pearls clusters and pearl strands necklaces, with matching earrings. Replicas of celebrity tiaras, as well as tiaras studded with crystal
and - or pearls are most popular.

Theme Weddings

Currently, more and more couples are planning theme weddings that express their interests and uniqueness.
Many combine their heritage, religion and - or traditions into their wedding theme, or use them as the central point of both ceremony and reception.
Others choose their theme to coincide with their wedding location.
Yet others who plan a family wedding concentrate on having their children represented.

Accessories for Theme Weddings

Whether dictated by the couple's interests, background or location, the bride and groom like to have their photo album, guest book, unity candles, pen set, flower basket, ring pillow, bridal purse - money bag, garter, cake top, centerpieces and decorations present their theme.
In fact, the trend is to have as many accessories actually match as a set or a collection, rather than just complement.

Where to buy wedding accessories and Choices

There are many options to purchasing wedding needs, from attire to accessories. The most obvious and traditional being bridal salons.
However, with the enormous growth of the Internet and the high security of shopping carts, the trend is to check and comparison-shop online first.
Shopping for weddings on the Internet, can be done from the comfort of one's home or office, saving gasoline, precious time and money.
The Internet also introduces items available only on-line.
Some items are so unique they can be purchased only on a specific web site.
It is interesting to mention that A-wedding Day has experienced a surge in gift givers buying wedding items, including complete accessory collections, to be shipped with a gift card to a bride.

Whether you are a trendsetter or follow the current trends, I hope you gained some insight from this article. Copyrights © 2006 All Rights Reserved Nily Glaser, A-wedding Day and Gan Publishing

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