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Cladaugh Wedding Invitations and Pressed Rose Wedding Invitations
By: Lorna Mclaren

Cladaugh Wedding Invitations are a very popular choice as the meaning of the Cladaugh motive is love, loyalty and friendship. There are a number of wedding related items available not the least of which are Cladaugh Wedding Invitations.

Cladaugh wedding invitations are accompanied by wedding programs, thank you cards, cladaugh wedding rings, toasting glasses, Cladaugh wedding favor boxes and much more.

For an Irish themed wedding the Cladaugh wedding invitation is almost an essential part and can be printed or beautifully embossed.

Pressed rose wedding invitations or indeed any pressed flowers invitations are also a popular and romantic choice.

Flowers all have different meanings and to have red and white pressed rose wedding invitations will signify unity an ideal symbol for marriage. Simply having red pressed rose wedding invitations means "I love you" and just white symbolizes innocence and purity.

Again pressed rose wedding invitations can be part of a whole themed wedding package which would suit an season of wedding.

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