Amaze Your Guest with a Truly Unique Wedding Reception

By: Jen Carter

Finding a stunning unique wedding reception location is one aspect of your wedding theme. Since the wedding reception generally follows the theme established throughout the ceremony, invites etc, it is usually best to plan for the wedding and reception to follow the same general themed format, although this is not written in stone. Aim to make the reception a place to ?let loose?, a place to bypass the formal setting often created in the ceremony.

Unique wedding receptions usually begin with an unusual, creative location. A drab and lackluster location for your reception, no matter how well it is decorated, will not ?wow? your guests. A unique setting will inspire you to create wonderful ideas, to ?break out of the box? and create something totally your own.

No matter where you choose to host your reception, there are essential details you need to look after when planning:

1. Weather / Environment ? is the wedding reception inside or out?
2. Setup ? Is this a non-traditional location? Will it have sufficient power for the entertainment? Adequate parking space for guests? Also consider distance ? most guests do not want to drive into the deep woods to attend your reception.
3. Cleanup, setup ? Most ?traditional? wedding reception venues have cleanup in place. Make sure to inquire about this when selecting the venue. Otherwise, you may need to draw on family and friends to help with this aspect.
4. Theme - Does the location fit the theme you have chosen for your wedding. Keep in mind, you do not need a theme for your wedding, but it does help to keep things on track.
5. Does the location invoke ?wows? from friends? Take a small group of friends to the location, and ask them what they think.

Truly Unique Wedding Reception Locations:

Corn field clearing. Now don?t laugh, I seen a stunning Western wedding theme done up perfectly in a cornfield clearing. Complete with rented gazebos, a fire pit and a Country band for entertainment, the event went off very well.

Sports Venue. Why not host your reception at your favorite sports venue, if you are a sport fan? Theme the reception with sport favors.

Building Top / High Rise. A wedding reception on the top of a city skyscraper can be both exhilarating and memorable, although this might be on the ?pricy side? depending on where you live.

More common wedding reception locations might include Barns, Gardens / Display Gardens, Ranches, Beaches. Since the wedding reception is only limited by your imagination, take the time to sit down and really brainstorm some great ideas. It will be well worth it in the end

About the Author: Jen Carter is owner and writer for My Wedding Blog, a wedding planning guide. Complete with a wedding directory, and resource links to shopping, gifts, favors and accessories.

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