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Event Planning Listing is a categorized event link directory of quality websites that promotes links with other sites related to the event industry. The event link exchange directory is searched by thousands of people to find the right vendor for their event. The goal of The Event Link Directory is to receive qualified traffic from anyone looking to find a vendor in your area looking for your services. Only quality sites are approved and submitted into the The Event Link Exchange Directory. Each submitted will be reviewed by a live person to review for submission. You may also exchange links with any one of the many other link submitters list in our directory.

Code of Ethics
Our code of ethics is simple: The Event Link Directory will only except quality websites that actively promote services and products in the event industry. The Event Link Directory does not accept or promote links which run free-for-all links pages, banner or link farms, or other junk sites. The Event Link Exchange is simply a link and advertising directory - not a linking "gimick"

2 Ways to get linked
You may either get a free reciprocal link between your site and ours or you may get one of our premium services for a minimal fee to ensure you top placement.

The Event Link Directory
    Get Listed on the nations largest Event link exchange directory.
  • Get access to hundreds of like kind vendors or even different vendors for business referral
  • Assurance of top quality sites listed along with yours
  • Free or Paid placement opportunities.
  • High rate of traffic to your site.

The Event Link Directory promotes professional vendors in the event industry. If you are looking to get listed in the top link submission and link exchange program in the country. Click Here to get listed.

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