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This section is used for current Pure Energy Entertainment Customers. If you have already hired us and you are checking the details of your event package, you can use your user name and password you received when you got your original contract. You will not be able to see the restricted sections on our site using this section.


Once you log into your account you may get a little overwelmed and that is why we have put together a small tutorial depicting exactly what to do.

1. First begin by logging in.



Once you get into this section, simply click on the "Plan My Event"


Once you have entered this section, you will see all of the event planning forms you may use for planning your event.



Based on the package(s) you have selected, your form(s) will be added to this section and you will able to add the appropriate information.



It is very important you save changes avter you make any changes to this form.  If you do not save changes, the changes will not be saved.  Please hit save changes.


You can come back to this section anytime you like. If you want to make changes to these forms, simply log in and make the changes and be sure to hit save after everytime you make changes.

NOTE: Our system will lock you out 7 days prior your event. We can unlock it upon request however we do recomend you complete these forms atleast 10 days prior your event.

This will get you started and of course, if you need us, simply call or email us and we will be there to help.

Happy Planning and thank you once again. We are proud to be part of your event.

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