Common Prayers & Blessings

I am often asked for the text of various prayers and blessings. I am working on putting together pages of the most commonly requested prayers and blessings, as well as other liturgical materials that I think may be useful. Of course, this page is no substitute for owning your own siddur (prayer book). I recommend The Artscroll Siddur (Siddur Kol Yaakov), which is available from You can order it in Hardcover or Paperback

Please note that all of these prayers contain the name of G-d. If you print them out, please treat them with appropriate respect.

Prayers Available

The following prayers are currently available. Others will be added soon:

Special Supplement: I have added a page with some Suggested Prayers in the Wake of the Terrorist Attacks in America.

Additional prayers can be found in The Transliterated Siddur, a complete Shabbat liturgy available online in English and transliterated Hebrew!

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