Arcade Simulation For Corporate Events In Boston

Arcade Simulators in Boston

Airline Pilot

This is a real flight simulator, with stunning graphics and incredible feedback controls. This game takes the arcade simulator to a new level, using three 29inch monitors to give the pilot a panoramic view, and was developed in cooperation with Japanese Airlines.

Alpine Ski

You will never be able to ski like this in the real world! Through giant fishers in a glacier and over the rooftops of a sleepy village… ski simulators must be more fun than the real thing… and you can’t break your legs!

Alpine Snow Boarding

Alpine Surfer captures the real spirit of snow boarding, right down to the radical clothes and outrageous stunts. This is one visit to the slopes that you will never forget!

Aqua Jet

Use your high-powered jet ski to race against the clock in this fast moving simulation. Impress the guys and gals on the beach with your amazing jumps over ramps and swerve around ship wrecks.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Shoot Away is the ultimate clay pigeon simulator. You can either play solo or against an opponent. The graphics are stunning and the scoring system is highly accurate. Who can be the best shot of the night?

Crisis Zone

Suppress a rogue terrorist group that has seized hostages. The situation is critical. Can you brave all three levels of this fantastic ‘shoot-em-up’ simulator?

Daytona USA

Feel the speed of Daytona USA as you rocket around the tracks at speeds of up to 300KPH. This is a hyper-speed real time 3D simulation. Daytona USA features four virtual reality perspectives. The games are linkable for multiple players.

Downhill Bikers

Downhill Bikers is a mountain-bike racing game that is linkable for up to four players. Each character has an array of unique air tricks which should be performed at jumps to increase your score. Mountain biking has become a popular sport, and this simulator really captures the excitement and adrenalin.

F-15 Fighter

Fight your way through enemy aircraft and dodge missiles that come at you from every direction. This large simulator physically moves using an extensive hydraulics system to create an incredible impact.

Ferrari 335

With the assistance of professional racing drivers, Sega have implemented actual driving data such as G-force and car handling to create the ultimate sports car simulator. Add to this some very demanding physics and incredible graphics, and you could almost believe that you were behind the wheel of one of the most incredible sports cars in history.

Final Furlong

Race against your friends on this fantastic horse racing simulator. Be a part of the Grand National as you ride to victory. Final Furlong offers a selection of popular courses to choose from. This highly energetic game will get your pulse racing and is guaranteed to be the favourite.

Harley Davidson

Everyone loves this game, from first timers to the Harley fanatic. Drive through a perfect computer-generated landscape of L.A. and use the built in navigation system as you take your fate in your own hands.

Home Run Derby

Home Run Derby is a unique baseball simulator. With all of the excitement, fun and entertainment of the real thing, it's easy to play and suitable for all ages. Patented sensor technology gives real accuracy as you swing the bat to hit the ‘virtual’ ball speeding towards you.

International Golf

Always wanted to play against the Pros on the most demanding courses in the world? This is your chance! Please don't forget to replace your divots!

Kick It

You are in the world cup final. The entire world is watching you and its come to penalties. You face the goal keeper. Kick It is a real ‘kick the ball to win’ simulator, which will accurately test your football skills. If you can hold your nerve the crowd will go wild!

Magical Monster Truck

Push off in a mining cart on an incredible journey to find the key to space-time travel. This two player game will have you working up a sweat as you pump the levers of the cart and press the floor pedal to travel on two wheels.

Manx TT

The Manx Tourist Trophy (TT) is one of the most exiting motorcycle races held. This motorbike racing simulator uses real video footage of the course on the Isle of Man to recreate the environment. You will drive your machine at breathtaking speeds of over 200 kilometres an hour. Bikes are linkable for multiple players.

Rapid River

This is an incredible white knuckle ride. Paddle for your life in this white water rapid simulator. Use every ounce of skill to avoid smashing into treacherous rocks and try to flee the terrorising jaws of a T-Rex.

Sega Rally

A head-to-head rally with unbelievable sound effects. Encouraged by spectators’ cheers, fly over bumps and skid around the sharp corners. Zoom past your opponents to proceed to the next level.

Star Wars Pod Racer

Taken from episode one, The Phantom Menace, the Star Wars Pod Racer is an extremely exciting simulator as you race against alien enemies traveling at high speeds through the valley of darkness. Defeat your opponent and all who stand against you.

Stars Wars Trilogy

This game needs no introduction. Sega and Lucas Films have teamed up to produce one of the greatest arcade games in history. With three stages and two special light-saber duals, never underestimate the power of the force!

Strike Eagle

This fighter jet simulator delivers pure adrenalin. Superb graphics bring to life a battle for the skies.

Time Crisis

One of the most popular spy shooting games. A two player game which requires skill and agility to save an agent who has been captured by an enemy force. Avoid being shot using an advanced pedal system to work your way through this fantastic adventure.

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  • Words cannot explain what you did for our daughter. Her wedding was the most wonderful day and we owe it all to you. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
    Loraine Laverti

  • Wow!!! What else can I say accept, Spectacular. You guys were fantastic
    Jacob Robins

  • Johnny K Kept the energy level very high. Lots of laughs. The kids had a blast! Couldn't have asked for a better entertainer.
    Tracey Maimon

  • I have received feedback from many employees who had a great time and they recognized that the MC is a major contributor to a fantastic function. I will definitely call Pure Energy Entertainment (and request Mark as the MC) for our next function.
    Deb Mosesso

  • I would recommend Pure Energy to anyone needing a dj. Really pleased with Angel Torres.
    Jaime Sciarappa

  • Incredible...Simply Incredible.
    Dr. Michael Kaminer

  • Johnny knows how I feel about his business. He always gives 150% percent. He treats every party like its the best party he has ever done. It makes the host and hostess feel great. The guest of honor, my son Sam, had the best night of his life.
    Tobi Marram

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