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  • Johnny K
    Boston's Premier MC
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    Johnny K Boston Wedding Dj
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  • Johnny K Boston DJ Weddings, Bar Mitzvah Entertainment
    Johnny K Boston DJ Weddings, Bar Mitzvah Entertainment Corporate Events
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  • Johnny K Boston DJ Weddings, Bar Mitzvah Entertainment
    Johnny K Boston DJ Weddings, Bar Mitzvah Entertainment
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  • Johnny K

Johnny K Boston DJ Entertainment

Boston DJ & MC - Johnny K

Johnny K's Bio

Johnny K is the founder of Pure Energy Entertainment, and has been in the entertainment business since 1991. He performs at over 180 events each year and still remains the #1 booked MC in Boston. Many of the DJs in Boston use the techniques he has developed and continues to develop new ideas to give his clients something different. Infact, because Johnny has had so much success with Pure Energy Live, many of the DJ companies in Boston now offer musicians as part of their package.

It is no secret why Johnny K is still the leader in event design and development.  View more videos of Johnny K on Youtube here.

Johnny K is a Master at producing exciting entertainment for any event.  He is the only MC in Boston that performs at the highest level for every style event. Wedding Celebrations, Corporate Events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and High School Events.  He has performed with Leanne Rhymes, Adam Levine, Billy Joel and many of Boston's local celebrities.

Johnny K has developed a Live Band and DJ combination called Pure Energy Live.  This new concept has proven to be the hottest show in Boston. The combination of Disc Jockey and Live Band is by far the latest design in interactive entertainment and gives his clients the best of both worlds. You will get nothing less than perfection from Johnny K and he is perfect for any event.

Johnny K has moved to the top of the list of most requested MCs for youth entertainment in Boston for his ability to perform at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  Seeing him on-stage with the kids is truly a site to see.  Once he takes the microphone, the room is his and star of the show soon finds themselves the star of their very own show.  Johnny's ability to perform according to the style and personality of the family is second to none.  "The most important thing to me is the child I work for never forgets their event."  Johnny writes in an interview with DJ Times Magazine.

If you are planning an event, Johnny K is by far one of the best investments in your event's history.  You will not forget your event.  That is a guarantee.  Click Here to speak to a sales perton to reserve Johnny K for your next event.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Demo Video

Johnny K Will Make Your Event Spectacular, Guaranteed.
Johnny K Wedding Demo

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